Rachel Forbes LCSW

Rachel Forbes, LCSW (she/her)

I utilize a mind-body therapeutic approach that draws largely from the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. I am drawn towards understanding how our environment, family, culture, and life experience have influenced the ways in which we relate to ourselves and others. I believe that we can naturally have multiple feelings at once, all valid, and each holding valuable information.

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My Story

As a Korean American transracial and transcultural adoptee, I offer a unique lens to my therapeutic work and adoption advocacy. My therapeutic approach is holistic and mind-body incorporated, with an intention of increasing self-awareness ad self-leadership. I firmly believe in the healing work that can happen within a therapeutic relationship as well as its ability to ultimately inspire the collective whole.

Within my practice, I work to address anything that you feel is preventing you from living as your truest and most self-loving Self. If you are carrying daily life stress, the loss of a loved one, challenges with adapting to a new life transition, deep and debilitating sadness, the burden of a traumatic experience, or even struggling to make sense of what you are feeling, I'm here to honor your reality - whatever that may be - so you can begin your healing process. With compassion and curiosity, my role is to help you nurture and strengthen that which encourages you to feel heard, liberated, and fulfilled.
In my work, I draw from a range of approaches, largely/mostly from Internal Family Systems (IFS), with the additional integration of Mindfulness, Attachment-Based Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. My work also incorporates a meditative and mind-body experience, as we acknowledge and get to know the feelings we carry within our bodies.
My practice is founded upon the belief that we are all human - meaning that it is natural to feel a multitude of emotions that are both unique to the individual, as well as interconnected with our relationships with others. I believe the path to healing and growth begins with connecting to one's self and the leadership already within you.

I offer individual therapy sessions, therapeutic group support for adult adoptees, educational training, and my professional perspective and experience in interviews, podcasts, and public panels, discussions, or forums. 

Initial Consultations
Finding a therapist can be a process in and of itself. Because therapy is personal and oftentimes vulnerable, it is important to find someone you authentically connect with for the work to feel safe and impactful. I strongly encourage new clients to "shop around a bit" to find the right fit, which is why I offer this free consultation. It is a casual opportunity for us to meet in person* with no strings attached. You can share with me a little bit more about what's brought you to therapy, and I can share with you a little bit more about my approach. Hopefully, you'll then be able to better assess whether or not I am a good fit for what you're looking for in a therapist. Schedule an initial free consultation here.