Rachel Forbes, LCSW

Forbes Psychotherapy Practice, LLC



Within my practice, I work to address anything that you feel is preventing you from living as your truest and most self-loving Self. If you are experiencing stress and suffering rooted by the loss of a loved one, facing challenges with adapting to a new life transition, stuck in deep and debilitating sadness, carrying the burden of a traumatic experience, or even struggling to make sense of what you are feeling, I'm here to honor your reality - whatever that may be - so you can begin your healing process. With compassion and curiosity, my role is to help you nurture that which encourages you to feel heard, fulfilled, and liberated.

In my work, I draw from a range of approaches, largely from Internal Family Systems (IFS), with additional integration of Mindfulness, Attachment Based Therapy, and Person Centered Therapy. My work also incorporates a meditative and mind-body experience, as we acknowledge the feelings we carry within our bodies.

My practice is founded upon the belief that we are all human - meaning that it is natural to feel a multitude of emotions that are both unique to the individual, as well as interconnected with our relationships with others. I believe the path to healing and growth begins with connecting to one's self and the leadership already within you.


Forbes Psychotherapy Practice, LLC